A contemporary drama set against a backdrop of the music industry with a sensational
twist that no-one could ever predict.

SAM RYDER is a young, beautiful and self-indulgent British rock musician. As the front man of the band ‘Codex’ he parties hard, embracing the excesses of a Rock ‘n’ Roll existence like many before him…

The lifestyle is destroying Sam and his relationship with anyone and everyone he holds dear, but there is one person, the mercurial and enigmatic JOSEF who follows him, observing him from the shadows as his life continues to fall apart. In a solitary, generic hospital room, bored, alone, both rejected and dejected, Sam reaches out to Josef out of curiosity and desperation, but nothing could possibly have prepared him for what he is about to experience.

Josef takes Sam on a mysterious globetrotting journey of discovery that transforms his entire life from a cliché to an epiphany of almost supernatural wonderment. How and why he came to be in this incredible place and quite what it prophesises about his future will have the viewer spellbound, as Sam’s life and the lives of those who have gone before him along the same path become intertwined in a way no one could ever have foreseen.

An incredibly powerful story, ‘Supernova’ twists and turns like a serpent, will Josef’s efforts bring salvation for the tortured Sam, or will they fall on deaf ears?

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